Life Updates


It has been a long time since I have blogged. There are many reasons for this. Some are awesome and positive reasons and some are not so great. Some major life changes have occurred. So, let me get you all up to date.

The most significant change is that withthe assistance of John’s care team we have placed in in a brain injury residential program. This was one of the hardest choices in my life. Yes, even harder than choosing lifesaving procedures or not. Many on his team had warned me that this was coming due to his cognitive and behavioral issues. While those issues are lifelong there have been many positive things that have come from this decision for every member of our family. The decision was made together and we all agreed this was the best and safest choice for the wellbeing of not only John, but also for the entire family.


Our daughter is now nearing 18 and is preparing for her future. This is super exciting and life is getting full of activities and deadlines. I have now graduates with my undergraduate degree in Psychology: Clinical Mental Health. I have also entered into a graduate school program for Counseling: Clinical Rehabilitation & Clinical Mental Health.This is very exciting for me to be able to use the experiences in my own life to help others walk through some of their difficulties in life. I have yet to decide where my focus will be. I am leaning toward crisis/trauma, but I still have some time to decide. Also, just to disclose I am studying the field but I am in no way qualified or licensed at this point to provide counseling services. What I share on here is only a personal perspective of my own experiences.


Although I am still involved in John’s care and decisions with his care, I am no longer his sole or primary caregiver. I have been thinking about diverting the blog toward caregivers and how to get back to living and self-care.

In this area, I would love to hear from my readers! What would you like to know? What areas do you have questions about in your own journey?